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Jose Strong

Jose (Jr) was recently diagnosed with a Brain tumor. The tumor is inoperable because it is deep in the skull and surrounded by all his viral organs. The tumor is called a Skull Based Bone Tumor. Although the doctors beleive the tumor is benign , the tumor is very, very rare and very aggressive.! The tumor has already caused a lot of irreversible damage to the bones of his skull. As a result of the bone loss , the bones that help support his neck have weakened. He may need a bone fusion, in the near future, as a result. 

Jose will begin his 4 wks of treatment soon. The closest hospital that can help and specializes in this form of tumor is in Boston. Boston Mass Children's Hospital has a special type of Radiation called Proton Radiation. The Radiation they use is specifically used for Children with Brain tumors.

We are all very confident in the medical team and doctors. They hope that they will be able to stop it from growing and doing more damage and possibly shrink it.

Joses's mother Star Saponaro has been employed with Oneida County Department of Social Services for many years. Star has been missing many hours at work due to medical appointments and being home caring for Jose. Jose and Star will be in Boston for several weeks for treatment. As we all know the medical bills and travel expenses will add help. Please help as much as you can! Thank you ❤️ God Bless

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