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Animal Adoptions

While everybody is at home, staying healthy and safe, why not give the gift of something to look forward to when it’s all over. Give the gift of a virtual, symbolic animal adoption and look forward to a trip to the zoo to see your new family member once we reopen!

When you become a zoo parent you are making a real difference at the Utica Zoo. We need you to be a part of our family now more than ever as your adoption will help our zookeepers feed, care for and enrich the lives of our animals while you are unable to visit them. Whether you are a fox fanatic, lion lover or alpaca admirer, we have an animal we are sure you will love!

So be wild and give yourself or someone else the gift of symbolically adopting their favorite Utica Zoo animal. 

All adoptions will arrive via email or mail and do not require to be picked up at the zoo. The "Thank You" gifts can be picked up at Max's Print Shop in Marcy.   

The animals we are offering are: Red Panda, African Lion, Bactrian Camel, Sea Lions, Mexican Wolf, Hyacinth Macaw, Alpaca, White-handed Gibbon, Cotton Top Tamarin, Pallas's Cat, Salmon-Creasted Cockaoo and Chinese Alligator. You can choose any of these animals for each level.

We have 3 different levels to choose from.

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