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Animal Adoptions

Help the Utica Zoo care for our more than 200 animals by symbolically adopting! Your adoption fees help us provide food, vitamins, supplements, enrichment, veterinary care, exhibit upgrades and modifications, or anything else the animals may need. We greatly appreciate your interest in adopting one of our beautiful animals!

So be wild and give yourself or someone else the gift of symbolically adopting their favorite Utica Zoo animal.

All adoptions will arrive via email or mail and do not require to be picked up at the zoo. The "Thank You" gifts can be picked up at Max's Print Shop in Marcy.  

The animals we are offering are: Red Panda, African Lion, Bactrian Camel, Sea Lions, Mexican Wolf, Hyacinth Macaw, Alpaca, White-handed Gibbon, Cotton Top Tamarin, Pallas's Cat, Salmon-Creasted Cockaoo and Chinese Alligator. You can choose any of these animals for each level.

We have 3 different levels to choose from.

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