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Utica Brews Products

Sometimes the very best coffee is born out of the very worst. This is precisely how we started our journey towards the perfect roast many years ago. What began with Ebay purchased beans and a horrifically murdered popcorn popper, thankfully, evolved into a state of the art roasting facility in Utica N.Y. Rather than Googling "How to Roast Coffee", We went head first into the trial and error process of discovering how different beans react to various processes, tweaking our methods to pull the flavors, acidities, and colors we wanted, finding the right brokers to get the best beans from, and of course engaging in proper roasting. This discover as you go method to roasting was worth it. Today, Utica Brews Coffee Co. is a long cry from that popcorn popper. When you take that first sip of our coffee and imbibe those rich delicious flavors which celebrate each bean's complexity, you can thank those early experiments which brought us to this point. That philosophy of hands on discovery and experimentation is still a major part of our philosophy as we continue to develop new roasts for you to enjoy.